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Assisting doctors and medical staff in the Developing World to enable them to give their patients the best possible medical care. We believe that every Man, Woman and Child has the right to good health care.

Earthquake Disaster in Nepal

Swinfen Charitable Trust


Open to help the injured

In 2011 we raised funds to build a clinic (a first for Swinfen Trust) in Khalte, Nepal, high in the Himalayan Mountain range. ‘Centre for Health’ clinic was to serve villagers from 4 surrounding villages, approx. 14,000 people. In 2013 the clinic was officially opened and as medical care is very limited in this area it is to date serving 12 villages.

Swinfen Telemedicine is appealing for funds to help people injured in the Nepal earthquake, who will require long term medical treatment as a result of this disaster.

We have been providing free specialist medical advice in Nepal since 2000 through 17 Telemedical links, working with local medical staff in both remote and urban areas many of which are directly affected by the earthquake.

We do not yet know the extent of the casualties in this rural area.

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Click here for our Nepal Earthquake Just Giving page.

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