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The American Telemedicine Association is the leading source and advocate promoting access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology.


The Chaffinch Trust has been established to develop initiatives and projects that support and encourage the disadvantaged to meet the challenges they face because of poverty and lack of opportunity. The Trust brings organisations together to address the issues of specific projects. It builds on the energy and commitment of those in existing organisations to create even more local, national and international partnerships in order to encourage greater opportunity.

Char Bhanjyang Tamu Samaj UK


CBTS (UK) is an organisation of people from Bhangara, Dadra, Lamme and Thanamaula Parbat Nepal, who are currently residing in the UK. They were established in 2007 with the motive of providing welfare and pursuing social and cultural values to the members of the association.


iPath is a case based collaboration platform which is used in telemedicine application to share information within a distributed group of people. It is being used in the domains of "consultation", "teaching" and "research".


At UVA, we bring together all that medicine has to offer – Expertise, Technology, Teamwork – to give the best care possible anywhere.



For additional information about us contact us or call us on 01227 721001.

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