Not a simple case.

A 37 year old, fit, normally healthy, young woman who lives in South Asia, was admitted to hospital on the 1st October with a severe headache, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and a very high fever. The referring doctor performed a CT scan of the cerebrum, spinal tap, kidney and liver functions, blood tests and MRI scans. He asked for help from Swinfen Telemedicine with this very serious case.

After two days of antibiotics her headaches became worse, a stiff neck developed, she had episodes of general seizures and became sensitive to most antibiotics. It was not looking good for the patient and was moved to ICU.

Over 13 days and 85 messages through the Swinfen system, 7 medical consultants (specialising in Neurology, Neuroradiology, ENT Surgery, Internal medicine/Tropical diseases, Intensive care and Aneasthsia) all became involved in the case giving free advice on diagnoses and treatment. 2 system operatorswere also on hand, 1 in the UK and 1 in New Zealand. With the perseverance of the referring doctor the patient made a reasonable recovery and has now been moved to a hospital in Thailand for further treatment.







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