Latest news on Afghanistan/Pakistan Earthquake

It is our understanding from a Swinfen referring doctor working in the field that the worst hit area is the Malakand Division, including Dir, Chitral and Shangla. Stranded and homeless families in these hilly, far flung areas badly need better shelter, warm clothes, food and medical facilities. The extent of the damage will not be known for days due to poor communication in this mountainous area already devastated by recent floods and landslides. As winter has arrived and snow is falling we can only hope that the relief efforts will reach the most vulnerable communities on time.

Hundreds have been killed by the earthquake, thousand injured, 50 Schools completely and 127 partially damaged, hundreds of cattle have perished. Over 2000 houses have been destroyed leaving people exposed to spend days and nights under the open sky in immense cold and snowfalls creating yet more hunger, disease and death.

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