November Activity

Swinfen Telemedicine System dealt with 35 cases this month, cases being sent from – Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, Zambia and Bangladesh) and generated 901 messages.

9 of those cases were sent using our unique mobile app.


2 new Swinfen Telemedical Links were set up – One in Zambia and One in India – both links are active and have already sent cases through the system.


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A teaching hospital, Babylon, Iraq has recently joined the Swinfen Telemedical links system. It has 30 beds, 5 specialist doctors, 5 registrars and 10 medical staff. It is a non-governmental organisation with a hemato-oncology ward. They have access to Bone marrow aspirate and biopsy equipment, histopathological and radiological investigation equipment.

This is our 52nd link in Iraq and we look forward to working with them

have a story of care to share? email us!