New Link In PNG

Baptist Mission in Papua New Guinea is a community clinic that works in the bush with only 3 nurses and 3 health workers. They are the only health care available for miles and reach their patients by plane and then hiking to their homes. As there is no doctor they have to deal with all illnesses and emergencies with basic equipment which is why a Swinfen Telemedical link has been set up to assist them. Our unique mobile app will also be a huge help.

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Yemen Conflict!

In a country already faced with widespread poverty, vulnerability, food insecurity and lack of health services, the escalation of conflict in Yemen in late March 2015 has had a terrible impact on civilians, especially children and women.

Nine months later, nearly 5,000 people have been killed and 25,000 injured as a result of conflict. More than 1.4 million people have been displaced, sometimes more than once.

Education has come to a standstill for nearly 2 million children, with 3,584 schools, or one out of four, shut down; 860 of these schools are damaged or sheltering the displaced. The lack of functioning schools and continued insecurity delayed the resumption of the school year until November, normally scheduled in mid-September.

Many public health facilities have been damaged or forced to shut down. Before the escalation of conflict, more than 15 million people – around half the population – had no access to health care. That number has now risen dramatically, putting an already vulnerable population at even greater risk.

With the agriculture and fishery sectors heavily affected and food imports cut short by the crisis, livelihoods have been eroded and the ability of families to feed their children further diminished.

The bombing of defenseless civilians in the their homes, all cities, roads, schools, hospitals and the very few available facilities of electrical supply has left every city in Yemen without electricity, blocking out food, fuel, drugs and other essential materials for basic living for almost 9 continuous months. 

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