74th Country

We are delighted to share the news that we have have just added another country to our list now standing at 74.

A new Telemedical link has been set up to a hospital in the South west of Mongolia. They have 70 doctors and 210 nurses. Specialties include – Surgery, Internal medicine, Paediatric, Gynaecology and Radiology. Equipment available – Xray, Endoscopy, Ultrasonography and ECG.

They have a population of just over 26,000 in the area and do all they can to treat and diagnose all patients.

We look forward to working with them.


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Swinfen link helps outpatient clinic

A new link was set up today to help an outpatient clinic in a research field station in Gambia.

They have 3 doctors, 2 midwives and 10 nurses on site with 2 observatory beds, a midwife unit (for uncomplicated deliveries only) and a supplement center for malnourished children. They have a ECG machine and access to basic lab tests and have basic primary care drugs available.

This clinic supplies FREE medical care and treatment for all. Swinfen Telemedicine welcomes them to our system and look forward to doing all we can to help.

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Hard Times in Nepal

The undeclared blockade by India has indeed put lives in hardships. The prices of everyday essential goods are artificially increasing. The fuels are being black marketed. Electricity off 12-13 hrs a day make really frustrating.

It is very cold now and people who were affected by the two earthquakes live in temporary houses and tents and are going through unimaginable hardships. The elderly and young are the ones who suffer most due to cold.

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News from Niger Delta

“We are now opening two very remote clinics in the inner creeks of the Delta. They are made from read mud, have no water, no power and can only be accessible by canoe. Internet and communications remain a real problem for us with our satellite dish stolen and the solar system barley working with perpetual rain and cloud. A container of beds and equipment from hospitals around the Cambridge area (UK) has been shipped over and are now on site. They have trained staff ready to serve their communities.

We do appreciate your amazing work and innovative service, and pray 2016 will be blessed and beneficial for all who support and indeed use your services.” – The referring doctor

Swinfen Telemedicine has offered links to help these clinics.

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