New Link in Ghana

St Nicolas Prep School Ghana

St. Nicholas School offers pre-school education to disadvantaged children living in the surrounding shanty town, who are taught English, reading, writing and other classroom skills. The children are provided with a school uniform, school books and writing material and are given breakfast and a healthy lunch. They also receive treatment for any medical needs. Families pay only a nominal registration fee and all other costs are borne by the school.
The school’s mission is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children. Swinfen Trust has set up a Telemedical link to help them achieve this.

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Humla District Hospital
Humla is the largest and poorest district in Nepal. It is divided into 27 Village Development Committees (VDC’s). There is little electricity or road communication networks in most parts of this remote district. The capital of the Humla District, Simikot, is only accessible to other parts of Nepal through its airport’s small dirt runway where only light aircraft can land for a portion of the year when the weather allows.

A Swinfen Telemedical link has been put into place to help care for these poor poeple

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