News from our link in Papua New Guinea

As PNG are struggling with the food crisis we received news from our Gulf Hospital link who are sadly struggling with water. Their rain water tanks are really low and strictly rationed, which is quite the challenge when the wards are overflowing with kids with diarrhoea from drinking dirty river water, and malaria which has shot up recently. They are also having to cope with an outbreak of whooping cough.

These people are in desperate need of help. We would really appreciate your help by donating to us today so we can offer as much support as possible. Thank you

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Humane Medics for Iranian Refugees

Swinfen Telemedicine set up a link today to support a community hospital in Albania that are helping Iranian refugees. They have 3 GP’s and 3 nurses on site, with no operating theatre or instruments and very little medication available. The services they provide are free of charge.

They had heard very good things of Swinfen Telemedicine and are very keen to be part of our humanitarian service.

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London Marathon 2016

Dear supporters,


I have been the Fundraiser and Administrator for Swinfen Trust for over 9 years now. During that time I have helped others to set up their fundraising campaigns and have taken part in many races myself to help build awareness of the trust that makes a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

I have finally taken the plunge to run my first EVER Marathon! I ask you please to support me and make a donation to this fantastic Humanitarian Trust.

Your encouragement will get me to that finish line and knowing every step I take during the 26.2 miles will be providing hope, good medical care and the prospect of saving lives.

Thank you       Miss Sharon  Checksfield      

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