Swinfen welcomes new link in Kenya

Dreamland Mission Hospital joined the Swinfen Telemedical service today to help the patients in their community.

This 68 bed hospital has 1 full time doctor, 16 nurses, an Opthalmic surgeon, Laboratory and Theatre technicians, Pharmacy technicians, visiting doctors, general officers, admin and mortuary staff. They also run an eye unit, run by a trained clinical officer, that offers cataract and non complex surgery. FREE corrective surgery is offered for Children including Cleft lip surgery, club foot and other deformities.

Other specialties that are offered is Dental care, X-ray and Ultrasound, Full lab service, a community programme that focuses on HIV and NCD’s,¬†free Fistula surgery and free surgery for disabled children. A welfare scheme is in place for those that are unable to pay for their treatment.

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