The Gambia

We were contacted today by a referring doctor that moved from a clinic in Banjul to the MRC unit in Fajara. Having set up a Swinfen Telemedical link to the Banjul clinic she was so impressed with our service that she wanted to set up a Swinfen link to the unit in Fajara which we have gladly put in place for her.

The MRC is a public hospital specialising in Adult and Paediatric medicine, Cardiology, TB and Liver disease. they have a range of diagnostic equipment and excellent availability of drugs, although they may not be the very latest. They have 42 beds, 6 Doctors, 30 nursesand many other research doctors contributing to the clinic service. For those patients that cannot afford to pay the hospital will waiver the fees, most will manage to pay as they are only charged a contribution towards the service.

Although there are many doctors at the unit, there are big gaps in their knowledge. At present there are only 2 adult physicians – the other doctors have either no specialty or are Paediatricians. They see a lot of dermatology and have no one with expertise in this field. They are however in a privileged position of being able to do investigations, but do not always know what to make of the results.


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