26th Swinfen Telemedicine Link in Nepal

We have established a link to Kunde Hospital located in Kunde Village, North of Namche Bazaar, 3840m in the Mount Everest region, Nepal. This hospital was established in 1966 by Sir Edmund Hillary and has been run by volunteers ever since.

This is a 15 bed clinic with 2 Doctors on site along with 2 nurses, a Laboratory technician and a community health worker. Offering a 24 hour public health and primary care services free of charge to the Nepalese patients.

We welcome the clinic and will provide all the help we can. We received this message in return –

” We are grateful for this wonderful asset in improving the quality of the patients care in this very remote part of the world”.

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News from Mali

Mr Greene, an Orthopedic Surgeon, became a Swinfen Referring doctor from Afghanistan, and then moved to a hospital in Ethiopia. With his great Knowledge and experience he also consulted on a few Swinfen cases and offered valuable advice.

 He is now serving others and teaching young doctors at the Koutiala Women’s & Children’s Hospital, Koutiala, MALI, where he has been for over 2 months. The hospital doesn’t have a reputation for orthopedics yet, but the word should get around soon. We do lots of bone infections but also a few fractures and deformities. These challenging cases require enormous amounts of time, nursing care, procedures and prolonged intravenous feedings.

A 14 year-old girl had dysplasia and dislocation of the hip. A good case for an old, but probably rarely performed, operation: Chiari osteotomy. The left pelvis was cut into 2 pieces, then shifted the lower piece inward so that the upper piece would give bony support to the hip bone. So far it seems to be working.

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