Char Bhanjyang Centre for Health, Khalte, Nepal

2021 has been busy so far for Char Bhanjyang Centre for Health (Swinfen House). 

Miss Prarthana Pun has joined the Clinic and is an experienced Health Assistant, qualified in Radiology and X-Rays. Prarthana has now joined the SCT telemedicine referral system. Her assistant is Miss Punam Pariwar. The centre was established in 2013 and to date has seen around 20,000 patients.

A new compound fence has been placed around the clinic, including very smart new entrance gates. The fence was made possible by financing from the local government.

And on Good Friday, 2nd April, the clinic held a free health camp. A total of 160 patients were seen, including Dental appointments, ECG’s, Ultrasounds and X-Rays.  It is difficult for those of us who can easily make an appointment to see our local Doctor, to imagine that these patients may have walked for hours to get to the Char Bhanjyang Centre for Health.  Certificates were given out to local volunteers and consultants in appreciation for their contributions.  Photos have kindly been provided with permission from Chandra Gurung.

By Georgina Liley

(Georgina Liley is the eldest daughter of Pat and Roger Swinfen and runs the social media for the Trust. Georgina has been involved with the Trust since it’s inception and was a speaker at the 4th International Conference on Successes and Failures in Telehealth, Brisbane, 2004).