Arabella’s New Haircut

Swinfen Telemedicine Trustee Arabella Mayo has had her hair shaved off in support of her father, Lord Swinfen one of the founders of The Swinfen Charitable Trust.

I have shaved my head! for The Swinfen Charitable Trust because I wanted to support my father through chemo.

Arabella is unable to visit Lord Swinfen with the current Coronavirus restrictions in place, she has taken the brave step of having her head shaved, as a mark of support as he undergoes chemotherapy, one of the potential side effects of chemotherapy being a loss of hair.
A JustGiving donation page has been set up, with all funds going to the Swinfen Charitable Trust.

You can donate to the Swinfen Charitable Trust from the home page, or via Arabella’s Just Giving page.

Thanks to Charles: husband, hairdresser and fellow trustee and Elizabeth: daughter and photographer.