Earthquakes in PNG Today!

Papua New Guinea has been hit by two earthquakes today, one 4.9 magnitude and another of 6.4m

We managed to contact a referring doctor in one of our links in PNG who told us “We are safe and well and the earthquake occurred about a two hour flight away.  We were at work when it happened and  it was what I call a “rock and roll” type of earth quake where the building just gently sways back and forth for 30 -45  seconds then it subsides”. 

PNG have experienced

7 Earthquakes in the past 7 days

28 Earthquakes in the past month

377 Earthquakes in the past year.

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Telemedical link number 314!

Today we set up a new Telemedical link to a hospital in Vanuatu. This is a community hospital operating with volunteers and hoping to secure a full time doctor very soon. All of the volunteers spend time working in the local hospitals to support themselves and build capacity into the local system. As a primary health care clinic they only keep patients in if they are critical. They have basic equipment and medication.

We look forward to working with them

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News from our link in Papua New Guinea

As PNG are struggling with the food crisis we received news from our Gulf Hospital link who are sadly struggling with water. Their rain water tanks are really low and strictly rationed, which is quite the challenge when the wards are overflowing with kids with diarrhoea from drinking dirty river water, and malaria which has shot up recently. They are also having to cope with an outbreak of whooping cough.

These people are in desperate need of help. We would really appreciate your help by donating to us today so we can offer as much support as possible. Thank you

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