Case from Yemen

This interesting case was sent to us from our link in Yemen on the 18th March 2017 and was ongoing till the 22nd April.

An 8 year old child was subjected to a direct blow from a small pebble to his left eye. Immediately after the incident he could not see with his injured eye. The pupil of the eye was partially filled with blood. He was taken to the ophthalmologist on the same day and he reported that he is suffering from a traumatic corneal ulcer and hyphaema. Hospitalization was not required and home care instructions along with medications were prescribed. No movement, Most of the time in a semi sitting position. The patient and the doctor are in Sana’a and under nightly bombing. There is little water and starvation has been declared.

A second opinion was requested from the referring doctor, especially if any additional measure should be taken in order to save the vision of the child, so the case was sent to us where it was allocated to two Ophthalmic surgeons in the UK. “The trauma seems pretty severe but not necessarily devastating for the eye. If the pressure in the eye is soft then this would suggest a posterior rupture which is VERY serious. If normal or high then things are better. Check his vision regularly and it should be coming back if it does not then obviously something much more serious is happening”.

Three weeks after surgery to remove the cataract, further surgery was performed, the retina was examined more closely and he was seen to have “commotio retinae”.

18 messages between the referring doctor, the two Ophthalmic specialists and the Swinfen system operators were exchanged. As we offer our Telemedical system and the Consultants advice, diagnoses and recommended treatment for FREE we estimate that the money saved on this case would have been approx.£1600

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