Unwanted mobile phones    

With the latest mobile phones being produced every 6 months now what do you do with your old ones?

Answer – If the phones are in good working order you can pass them on to us, where we could add our unique Swinfen App and send them to doctors who are in the remotest areas in the world.

Send to – The Swinfen Charitable Trust, FREEPOST NAT 18663, Canterbury, CT3 1BR.

It won’t cost you a penny and you will be helping to save lives.


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November Activity

Swinfen Telemedicine System dealt with 35 cases this month, cases being sent from – Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Tibet, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, China, Zambia and Bangladesh) and generated 901 messages.

9 of those cases were sent using our unique mobile app.


2 new Swinfen Telemedical Links were set up – One in Zambia and One in India – both links are active and have already sent cases through the system.


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A teaching hospital, Babylon, Iraq has recently joined the Swinfen Telemedical links system. It has 30 beds, 5 specialist doctors, 5 registrars and 10 medical staff. It is a non-governmental organisation with a hemato-oncology ward. They have access to Bone marrow aspirate and biopsy equipment, histopathological and radiological investigation equipment.

This is our 52nd link in Iraq and we look forward to working with them

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Shifa Foundation connect with Swinfen Telemedicine

A Swinfen Telemedical link has been set up for ‘Shifa Foundation Telemedicine Program’ to help give their patients the best possible care. They are a non-profit organisation that do not charge any medical fees to those who cannot pay. This community hospital has 10 beds, one doctor with one assistant.
We welcome them to our network and look forward in assisting them with their humanitarian care.

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