Claire Louise Ellis raising funds for Swinfen Telemedicine

                                      Run for Champagne – 10k Run

Claire’s story:                                                               

As some of you are aware my gentle giant of a father in law is battling cancer. He was first diagnosed over 2 years ago with bowel cancer and had surgery to remove part of his bowel. We all thought he was in the clear after 2 years of being in remission but sadly that wasn’t the case. While on his “once in a lifetime” holiday to see the world, with his wife Loveday, he started to become sick again and things weren’t quite right. When he arrived back from his 8 week trip he went for more tests and unfortunately he was told he had secondaries in his lungs. So he is now having chemotherapy and immunotherapy as part of his treatment. Unfortunately they will never be able to cure his cancer but hopefully the treatment will be able to prolong his life. At the moment he’s going through intense and gruelling treatment which makes him feel sick and tired and we all as a family feel so helpless. We all wish we could take it away and I especially wished there was more I could do. So I thought to myself “What can I do to help?” Not a lot, was my conclusion. But then I had a “lightbulb” moment…
I thought as I have recently started running, I could put all my effort into training and could sign up for something I’ve never done before and help raise some money for a charity that would be close to both Brian and Loveday’s heart. I asked them what charity they would like the donations to go to and I will be running in Brian’s honour.

So on the 9th July I’ll be taking part in my first 10k at Loseley House as part of their “Run for Champagne” event.

I’ve always respected and looked up to all he has done in his career as a Professor in Urology. He tirelessly helped many people who battled with prostate cancer in particular and other urological disorders and it’s just so unfair that life has thrown this set of cards his way, after all he’s done to help others!
I know my husband David, my sister in law Rebecca and mother in law Loveday and all of the family are so proud of what he achieved in his career and we just want to show him how much he is loved and respected and that we are all fighting this disease with him and that he’s not alone.

I’m not just doing this for Brian, but for all of those who are living with cancer on a daily basis. And I’m also doing this in memory of my beautiful Auntie Brid who lost her battle to cancer nearly 3 years ago, she is so sadly missed. Lastly not forgetting all those who have lost family and friends to this awful disease, let’s keep praying that with all this fundraising money they can finally find a cure!

Both Brian and Loveday work for Swinfen Telelmedicine as system oporators and help people from all over the world who need medical help and attention.  With the help of the internet and mobiles, people from all over the world are only a click away from getting the help that they need.

Thanks so much for reading and for any donations (big or small) that you are able to make.

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