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Bhi Health Post, Mugu, Nepal.

Bhi is one of the most remote, poorest areas of Mid-Western Nepal. It is the central point for Dhayan, Phortu, Nathrpu in Mugu district and Shrinagar of Humla. One village has at least 300 household and there are 5 villages with a population of 80,000. All the members of one family will live under one roof, Life expectancy here is only 40 years of age!

Bhi is a two day walk from Gamgadi in Mugu or a 2 day walk from Kolti, Bajura. They work with basic equipment offering basic care in a two room building – one for Child Birth and the other for physical examinations. They do however have network connectivity so are able to connect to Swinfen Telemedicine for medical advice.

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