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“We villagers are very proud of you for your generous supports and efforts for rural community development in Nepal. Basic support that has been provided to the earthquake victims since last June is the great and very kind of you.

Reconstruction Authority of Nepal was formed in the beginning of 2016 and just started its work. In the first phase, it has collected detail information from 11 mostly effected districts and now collecting information in 3 districts of Kathmandu valley. It is focusing 14 districts at this moment.

In its policy guidelines and decisions, non-state actors are not allowed to construct individual house but allowed to construct public building, toilets (public and individual), drinking water and other basic infrastructure. It is not restricted for supplementary support to person while constructing house. We non-state actors may contribute material support to house and may fully support for toilet construction.

Now rainy season is about to start and people are busy on their farms. Comfortable time to our villagers for constructing house is after November. Hopefully, Reconstruction will be started to its activities in our district (Parbat) from that time”.

District Governance Expert

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