Please take a moment to read Claire Louise Ellis page as she will be running her first half marathon on the 10 March and raising funds for Swinfen Telemedicine in memory of her father in law Prof. Brian Ellis (one of our system operators and a volunteer medical Urology Consultant) who sadly lost his battle to cancer and passed away on the 23 December 2018. Your support will be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙏


New Telemedicine Link in Iraq

Swinfen Telemedicine welcomes another new link in Iraq.

Sinjar Hospital is a local free hospital situated in a very poor area. They have 1 doctor, 4 nurses and 4 pharmacists with very limited services and no operation theatre. Patients with Major injuries are referred to another hospital which can be miles away.

We now supply our Telemedicine service to 59 Hospital/clinics in Iraq 


Were you inspired by this weekend’s Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018? Do you want to have that #FEELGOODFEELING and raise funds for charity?Well why not set yourself a new challenge and get signed up to the Simplyhealth Great South Run? And raise funds for Swinfen Telemedicine.

When: Sunday 21 October 2018

Whether it’s your first running event or your fiftieth that feeling never gets old. It’s hard to explain how it makes you feel. The cheers, the support, the atmosphere; it all builds up to that magic moment when you cross the finish line and you’ve done it! It doesn’t really matter what time you did it in or who you beat, the fact is you did it. It’s that feeling that only you know, as you wear your medal with pride and celebrate with your friends and family feeling completely exhausted but invincible.

So go on, get signed up for this 10 mile tour of the Portsmouth coast today, be your greatest, and help us to raise those very import funds that can help us save the lives of many.

Not ready for the full 10 miles?

The Simplyhealth Great South 5k takes place on Saturday 20 October 2018 and is just a shorter version of the main course; the perfect solution if you’re just starting your running journey, are out of practice or have been injured.