We have connected to our 77 country – MEXICO

Hospital San Carlos, Chiapas, Mexico, is our 339 Swinfen Telemedical link. This is a community hospital with 8 general physicians, 2 medical students, 2 family doctors and one psychiatrist that visits twice a month. They have 12 beds for women, 12 for men, 10 for paediatric patients, 5 beds for neonatal care and 8 examination rooms for patient consoltation.

In Chiapas, about a quarter of the population is of indigenous origin. Most live according to their century-old customs, which include a closeness to nature and self-subsistence via farming (mainly corn and beans). Unfortunately the socioeconomic status of this population is very poor. 89% of the patients served in this hospital are indigenous, some patients having to travel for 8 hours!

They provide health care without discrimination and with respect and understanding of the diverse cultures in the region. The doctors face huge healthcare challenges as they are underfunded and suffer lack of medical equipment.


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