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India – An NGO working in a community Hospital that has 20 Doctors/Nurses/Medical staff. 10 beds are on site and offer General Medicine, Paediatrics, Gyn & Obs, Generic and alternative system of medicine. They have an attached lab with an ECG machine, CBP,  Biochemistry Analyser and a Pulse Oximeter. A Pharmacy counter is also on site. Those patients that cannot afford to pay will be seen free of charge.

Iraq – A specialist Paediatric medical centre with 23 Doctors, 80 medical staff, 65 beds and very little resources! They offer Neurology and Nephrology and have access to CT Scan and MRI. No drugs are available. All services and Therapies are free to those that are unable to pay.

Zambia – A Family out patients practice with 3 Paediatricians, 2 Nurses, 1 Laboratory technician and 1 Pharmacy technician. Offering Paediatric consultations, hearing screening, Occupational therapy, Dietician, Laboratory and Pharmacy. Equipment on site consists of a Spirometer, Haematology machine, Euroline machine for basic allergy RAST testing, I-chrome machine for CPR, Thyroid function tests & HbA1c, OAE screener, Nebulizer and a Pulse Oximeter. The pharmacy provides branded drugs. They offer probono work for those who are unable to pay.

Zimbabwe – A Government teaching hospital with 61 Doctors, 673 Nurses and 41 Pharmacists, Laboratory Scientists, Physiotherapists, and 500 beds. The services they provide is General medicine, Surgery, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Anaesthesia, ENT Specialists, Opthalmology  and Radiology. With CT scans, Opthalmosscopy, X-rays, USS scan but very little availability to drugs. For those patients that cannot pay they offer a social fund.