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Thank you for your interest in joining our humanitarian telemedicine network. Please note that we will need to verify your credentials to complete registration. Our service is entirely voluntary & not-for-profit. Our system is not intended for emergency cases.

Telemedical Link Registration

Name of Hospital/Clinic/Practice
Postal Address of Hospital or Clinic
International Telephone Number





Name of Hospital Director
Named Clinician to be responsible for Telemedicine referrals and the Swinfen Charitable Trust Equipment
Email address for the clinician who will be using the Telemedical link
Type of Hospital/ Clinic/ Practice ( ie. Teaching, Specialist, Local, Community, etc.)
Specialist Services Available on Site
What arrangements are made for the treatment of those patients who are unable to pay?
Will the hospital undertake to advise the Consultant answering referrals as to the outcome of each case?
How many doctors/ nurses and other trained medical staff are there?
How many beds do you have?
What type of diagnostic equipment is available?
What is the availability of up to date drugs?

Please send an email separately to telemed@swinfentrust.org to send us a photo of your Hospital/Clinic.

Attach a recent JPG photograph of your Hospital/Clinic

To download a Swinfen Telemedicine Mobile App:

  • For iOS devices – SCT Telemedicine on App Store
  • For Android devices – SCT Telemedicine on Google Play Store
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For additional information about us contact us or call us on 01227 721001.

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01227 721001


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